Why Study History?

History offers students the opportunity to pursue a wide diversity of career paths. While many history majors go on to pursue a career in education, those who don’t are well-positioned to excel in any position that requires critical thinking, research skills, and written and oral presentations.

“U.S. History Majors Highest Earners in Humanities”:

Students who majored in U.S. history earned $57,000, as compared to $50,000 for other majors in history. The average salary for U.S. history majors was 18.7 percent higher than the average for all the humanities. The average salary for other history majors was the second highest, and on a level only with art history and criticism. U.S. history is also quite high relative to most of the other fields in the survey (especially in fields outside of the scientific, engineering, and business fields). . . . a substantial number of history students went into business—one in five said they were in management positions, for instance, and over 15 percent in sales.

Career paths for history majors
Historians as Educators
Elementary Schools
Secondary Schools
Postsecondary Education
Historic Sites and Museums

Historians as Researchers
Museums and Historical Organizations
Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation
Think Tanks

Historians As Communicators
Writers and Editors
Documentary Editors
Producers of Multimedia Material

Historians As Information Managers
Records Managers
Information Managers

Historians As Advocates
Lawyers and Paralegals
Litigation Support
Legislative Staff Work

Historians in Businesses and Associations
Historians in Corporations
Contract Historians
Historians and Nonprofit Associations


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