Summer and Fall 2017 Courses

Registration opens on Monday, so make sure that you meet with your advisor as soon as possible to set up your schedule. The registrar’s office has posted the full schedule of fall courses. The summer schedule is also available; remember that 100- and 200-level summer courses are being offered at 50% tuition rates this year. The CU Bookstore has the book lists for each class, and Dr. Cheathem has posted his fall book list separately.

HIS 225 Introduction to Historical Methods Cheathem, M. MW  9:30AM 10:45AM
HIS 324 Latin American History Bell, R. MW 12:30PM  1:45PM
HIS 325 African American History Cheathem, M. MW 11:00AM 12:15PM
HIS 427 American Indian History Inman, N. TR 11:00AM 12:15PM
HIS 496 Seminar in History Cheathem, M. TBA TBA TBA
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