Who Should Appear on the $20 Bill?

Debaters_O15Last night, Dr. Fred Heifner, Dr. Natalie Inman, and I held a debate to decide who should appear on the $20 bill. Dr. Heifner argued for former Cherokee chief Wilma Mankiller, Dr. Inman supported Eleanor Roosevelt, and I was designated as the advocate for Andrew Jackson, naturally.

The debate was a lot of fun. The student panelists asked interesting and thoughtful questions that allowed us to argue for positive contributions and forced us to defend our choices. In the end, the Jackson candidacy won, but the most important thing that came out of the debate was a better-educated and -informed audience.

Our thanks to the moderator, Professor Rick Bell, who (mostly) kept us in line; our Phi Alpha Theta panelists, Dylan “Hammer” Crews, David Gregory,  and Josh Williams, College Republicans President Kaleigh Chitwood, and SGA President Kallee Thornton; and the other Phi Alpha Theta members who contributed to the debate’s organization, including Jennifer Erickson (president), Sarah Tiger (events coordinator), and Victoria Sikes (secretary).


The host with the most, Prof. Rick Bell, with panelists Kalllee, Dylan, and Josh lurking in the background.

PAT 20 Dollar Debate_O15

L-R: Prof. Rick Bell, David Gregory, Jennifer Erickson, Dylan Crews, Victoria Sikes, yours truly, Sarah Tiger, PAT and history alum Emily LaFever, PAT alum Andrea Davis, Dr. Natalie Inman, and Mrs. Pace Pope, wife of the late Monty Pope.

If you are a history or PAT alumni, you might be interested in the new t-shirt that we created in honor of the late Monty Pope, who mentored the current history faculty. Short-sleeved shirts are $15 for students, $20 for non-students; long-sleeved are an extra $5. The design on the back includes this image:

T-Shirt Image

The quote is Prof. Pope’s comment on his mentorship of all three current faculty members.

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