Ghost Walk 2012

This past Monday, on a perfect, cool, crisp October night, Prof. Pope led a group of at least 50 CU students and Lebanon community members on a ghost walk. He warned us up front that only half of what he said was true; however, we had to decide which half.

Prof. Pope in his top hat and Dr. Inman

Prof. Pope started the tour in Memorial Hall’s Baird Chapel. He took the group outside Vise Library to the hanging tree, where a soldier participating in the WWII maneuvers headquartered on the Cumberland campus hanged himself.

Next, we headed to the Rudy house.

Our fearless leader

At the Rudy house, Prof. Pope related the story of a child drowning in the basement. I’ve stayed in the house on a couple of occasions, and it certainly makes for an uncomfortable night.

Dr. Inman and Pace Pope in the CU BMW golf cart. (I’m pretty sure it was a BMW.)

Our next stop was Justin Potter, where Prof. Pope told the best story of the night: The Case of the Slain Deer. It’s a great story that involves a Pope progeny, a dead deer in the dorm, and a traumatized custodian. If you’ve lived in Lebanon for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard this story, and, yes, it’s true.

Prof. Pope’s hat needed earmuffs.

Mary White is currently under construction, but Prof. Pope recalled that several decades ago, two female students stayed there alone one holiday break, but only one survived.

We concluded our tour on the third floor of Memorial Hall. Prof. Pope related several stories, including one about a ghost-hunting team that came to Cumberland and communicated with spirits on the third floor.

If you have class in this room (Memorial 310?), pay attention to any strange sounds you hear.

Our thanks to Prof. Pope for another great tour. We’re looking forward to another one next year.

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