Seeking Spiritual Substance

Yearning for a sense of purpose and spiritual enlightenment is a universal part of what defines our humanity. Today’s journey led us to explore how differing cultures sought to connect to a higher spiritual power. We first stopped at a sacred spring running through the foothills of Sangre de Cristo in Nambe Pueblo. This spring has been revered as sacred for many centuries by the Pueblo people and is said to have the power to bestow blessings upon those who come in contact with its waters. Upon arriving in Nambe, we first took a winding trial to a strikingly beautiful waterfall. After taking time to enjoy the view, we then descended the trail and reached down into the spring to bless ourselves with the sacred water. Knowing that this spring held such a significant spiritual purpose for Native people, a feeling of oneness and serenity overcame me as I cupped the water to my face.

Nambe Waterfall

 After completing our journey in Nambe, we loaded into the van and traveled to Santuario de Chimayo.  Santuario de Chimayo is a catholic chapel established in the eighteen-teens by Spanish colonists and is known worldwide for its legacy of healing powers. In fact, there is a room within the chapel that has a small hole that is believed to contain holy dirt that can be applied to the body to cure aliments. Pictures, letters and dozens of discarded wheelchairs and crutches speak to presumably successful instances of healing. Because it was permissible to take a bit of dirt with you, I scooped a small amount into a container to share with my family back home. After touring Santuario de Chimayo, we visited an authentic weaving shop and sat down to a wonderful lunch at Rancho de Chimayo.

Santuario de Chimayo


Weaving at Chimayo

 Following our adventure in Chimayo, we took a scenic route back to the hotel to get prepared to attend a house concert featuring Kate Campbell at Two Rocks and a Hub Cap. A house concert is precisely what the name implies— a musical performance held in a person’s home. Kate Campbell’s performance was very compelling and wonderfully executed. Campbell is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, and her folk songs consisted of matters pertaining to the South such as race, religion, and southern cultural identity.

Sleeping Bell


We returned back to our home away from home at the La Quinta in Santa Fe after the concert, reveling in thought-provoking music and mystic experiences that we encountered today.    


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2 Responses to Seeking Spiritual Substance

  1. I’m jealous–A Kate Campbell house concert?!! It’s good to know people, I guess.

    • Rick Bell says:

      Dr. Heifner’s son is Kate Campbell’s booking agent. She even mentioned Dr. Heifer during the show.

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