Alumni Spotlight: Beverly Rohtert

Today’s history alumni spotlight is on Beverly Rohtert, who was a contemporary of Dr. Cheathem’s.

History at CU (HCU): When did you graduate from Cumberland?

Beverly Rohtert (BR): 1994


Why did you choose history as a major?


BR: I love it!

HCU: What was your impression of the history professors at CU? 

BR: My first thought when I started down the history path was these fellas are going to make me work. For the first time in my life I really had to study. I not only had to study I had to read/research outside of the classroom.

Mr. Pope instilled in me an appreciation of Tennessee history. I had always focused more on WW I/II or military history. Now I travel the Tennessee highways to check out little known spots just for the history of it. When friends fly in from other states, I take them on a history tour of Nashville. There is so much history in this state that I had not fully studied until Mr. Pope “made” me. (By the way, I just re-read Andrew Jackson by Robert Remini.) 

I had several classes with Dr. Dressler during my time at CU. You learned to take very detailed notes during his lectures. I began to take notes in a spiral notebook to ensure my notes were easy to find and centrally located for study purposes. (I had volumes of these notesbooks from his classes. Unfortunately, I lost them in the flood last year.) The notebook is a habit I continue to this day. I attend every meeting or conference call with a spiral notebook. I track all action items in my notebook. My notebooks have traveled as far as Guam for work. I guess you could say Dr. Dressler taught me organization along with history.

HCU: What was your favorite history course/activity/trip?

BR: All of my history classes were my favorites. I especially enjoyed the WW II class that included movies that were considered “historically correct”. (I am a John Wayne fan so this worked well for me.)

HCU: What is your career today, and how have you used your CU history degree in your field?

BR: I am an Operations Manager/Subject Matter Expert for a Medicare contractor. I use my history degree every day. History teaches the most important lesson of course which is not to repeat “bad” history. This lesson plays into all of my decision making.

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