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What Influenced Dr. Cheathem to Study History

Over on Jacksonian America, I recently blogged about what influenced me to study history. Ultimately, though, it was Prof. Pope’s fault. (You need to blame him for your grades!)

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Fraud Perpetrated by Civil War Historian

The National Archives issued a press release yesterday outlining a case of fraud perpetuated by a well-known Lincoln scholar, Thomas Lowry. Civil War historians-bloggers Kevin Levin, Brooks D. Simpson, and Eric Wittenberg are covering the topic extensively. According to the press … Continue reading

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Go West – Arizona II

As Kristi and I entered Arizona, we skirted the edge of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. We did not realize that we were on the edge of a protected area, but we knew that it was a beautiful place. The road … Continue reading

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Did I Miss Anything in Class?

This question is one that professors hear several times a semester. Absent students ask this question innocently, not realizing what it implies. The answer, of course, is in the affirmative. Something happens every class period, and, at the very least, … Continue reading

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Preparation for the Comprehensive Exams

For those of you thinking about going to graduate school, this article is a necessary read. Even at the master’s level, comprehensive exams are usually required, although they are not as intense. The purpose of comprehensive exams hasn’t changed much … Continue reading

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Organizing a Research Paper

I thought this recent post under the moniker “marlborough” might be useful for students who will be working on research papers this upcoming semester. (Of course, make sure that you follow the instructions that Dr. Inman, Prof. Bell, and I give you first and foremost.)  … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Civil War Sesquicentennial in Tennessee

From the Tennessee Historical Society: The Tennessee Historical Society offers several programs this winter and spring, some courtesy of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Details on all the programs from January through May will follow soon, but here’s the first few. … Continue reading

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